Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Kit


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Model: H6602

Transform your gaming experience with the Govee AI Gaming Sync Box. These RGBIC gaming lights have customizable AI lighting effects and are compatible with popular titles such as Apex Legends.

  • Responsive to Specific Game Actions: Displays specialized gaming lighting effects
  • 99% Accuracy: Smart light strips reflect in-game colors and movements
  • Customize AI Gaming Lighting: Personalize each AI gaming light effect
  • Govee DreamView 360° Syncing: Match lighting with other Govee lights
  • Multi-Device Support: Connect 3 devices with these LED gaming lights
  • 4K Resolution Support: Govee HDMI gaming lights support HDR10+

Model: H6601

Experience battlestation lighting like never before, with an AI chip & sophisticated algorithm that recognize your in-game actions in real time and trigger situationally-aware lighting effects on the integrated RGBIC backlight and light bars. In addition, enjoy fast & accurate color matching for all your gaming, movie, and entertainment content.

  • In-Game Actions Trigger AI Light Effects
  • DIY Mode for Creating Unique Effects
  • 99% Accurate Color Matching
  • 240HZ @1080P, Supports Dolby vision, HRD 10+, 4K
  • Connect Up to 3 HDMI 2.0 Devices
  • No Extra Hub or Bridge Required

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