GoveeLife Smart Space Heater Lite


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Model:  H7135 (Black/White)

Embrace comfortable levels of warmth with GoveeLife Smart Space Heater. The 1500W PTC ceramic heating technology rapidly heats a 200ft² area within 2 seconds.

  • Smart Upgraded Thermostat: Link with a GoveeLife Thermo-Hygrometer to accurately reflect the ambient temperature without manual adjustments via AutoReflect.
  • Remotely Control via App & Voice: Turn on the space heater for preheating in advance via app while you’re away.
  • Fast & Powerful Warmth: The small heater with energy-efficient 1500W PTC ceramic heating technology rapidly heats a 200ft² area.
  • Multiple Safety Features: Includes tip-over and overheating protection, safety plugs, and V-0 flame retardant to protect kids and pets.
  • Compact and Quiet: The portable heater has noise levels lower than 37dB, making it quiet enough to use while sleeping.
  • Powerful Functions: Other notable features include the one touch-sensitive panel, a bottom bracket that opens, and a 10° elevation angle.
  • Supported Thermo-Hygrometer Models: H5104, H5103, H5106, H5075, H5179, H5100, H5074, H5174, H5102, H5051, H5052, H5071, H5072, H5101, H5177, and B5178.


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