Lumary Smart RGBAI Landscape Lights Pro 36W 3000LM 65ft



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Lumary Smart RGBAI Landscape Lights Pro is a standout in outdoor lighting solutions, offering exceptional illumination with advanced functionality. Its impressive features and energy efficiency make it a preferred choice for those looking to elevate their outdoor spaces. With 36W power and a brightness intensity of up to 3000LM, these lights infuse any landscape with vibrant light and rich colors.


The Lumary Smart RGBAI Landscape Lights Pro spans a length of 65ft with robust LED bulbs strategically placed to maximize light exposure. The luminary is equipped with advanced RGBAI technology, offering an extensive spectrum of color choices, including red, green, blue, amber, and adjustable intensity. This range of colors creates spectacular visual effects to enhance your landscape and suit your mood or occasion.

An impressive feature of these lights is the smart controls facilitated by the Lumary app. This mobile application allows for color customization, brightness adjustment, and even schedule settings, further personalizing your lighting experience. The lights are also compatible with Google Home and Alexa, adding a level of convenience with voice-controlled commands.

Built to withstand harsh weather conditions, these outdoor lights include a weatherproof feature ensuring longevity and reliability. The inclusion of a circuit breaker goes the extra mile in safeguarding from electrical overloads.


Feature Detail
Wattage 36W
Luminosity 3000 Lumens
Length 65ft
Smart Controls Lumary App, Google Home, and Alexa compatible
Light Spectrum RGBAI (Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Intensity Adjustable)
Weatherproof Yes
Safety Feature Circuit Breaker included

Lumary Smart RGBAI Landscape Lights Pro 36W 3000LM 65ft is not just a lighting system but a comprehensive solution to landscape lighting. It brings together innovation, efficiency, and superb functionality to transform your outdoor spaces into captivating landscapes.


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