Govee Wi-Fi Digital Thermometer Hygrometer


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Model: H5151& H5100

Keep your home protected at all times. A pack of 3 thermometer hygrometers accurately monitors the temperature and humidity, even while you’re away.

  • Wi-Fi Gateway: Monitor 3 rooms with the Govee Home App
  • Wide Range Sensors: Accurately detect your humidity and temperature
  • Stay Alert: Updates when your presets are out of range
  • Compact Design: Easily fits in small spaces such as humidors
  • Additional Coverage: Pair a maximum of 10 sensors

Notes: The sensor alone can be used as a temperature hygrometer with a Bluetooth range of 230 feet but cannot be connected to Wi-Fi. If the sensor pairs with H5151 (with gateway), it can be used as a Wi-Fi temperature hygrometer with unlimited distance (only for the H5151 Wi-Fi hub).



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